Yehoshua (Jeson) Friedberg

Keren Yaldenu and the Yehoshua Friedberg Memorial Project

Keren Yaldenu views the process of giving - closing gaps and opening horizons - as a real chance at the evolution of disfranchised youth. It requires strengthening of their overall Jewish identity so that they can shape as equals between equals with their peers.

Keren Yaldenu believes in the absolute necessity to integrate disfranchised youth into Israeli society on the basis of consolidating in them a strong affinity to the land of Israel, the people of Israel and their Jewish cultural heritage that emanates from a common historic ancestry.
To achieve this desired goal, Keren Yaldenu has developed a special program for Israeli youth, from all sectors, to empower their Jewish identity. The Yehoshua Friedberg Memorial Project perpetuates the memory of Yehoshua Friedberg (HY"D) whose short life and absolute commitment to Judaism, Israel and his tragic death make s him a true model of Jewish identity.