Yehoshua (Jeson) Friedberg

Peter Schwartz, Uncle


Jason Friedberg was my first nephew. Having never had a sibling nor a son, I felt an attachment to him that went beyond the normal uncle/nephew feelings.
Since I have a habit of giving nicknames to those I care deeply about, I decided to call him: “Jake the Snake”. (His brother, David became “Rex” and his sister Jennifer, “Jones”.) In retrospect, I cannot think of a more inappropriate nickname for Jason than the one I chose. However, never once did he raise any objection.

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Avraham Blanshay

Avraham Blanshay, Close personal friend, Torah Chavruta & Shul buddies

A few recollections of Yehoshua z"l's character:

He was known as an absolutely moral, decent, ethical person. He would help others – but not in a mushy, emotional way. He had a no-nonsense, direct approach - and people knew they could count on him. Such traits were part of what made him a great friend. You could count on his loyal, honest and dependable nature.

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Sherry Brettschneider

Childhood and School Friend

I first met Jason (Yehoshua) Friedberg when we were both tiny nursery schoolers- 4 years old.

Of course, Jason grew significantly over the years, becoming a tall, handsome young man. I, unfortunately, was not graced with the height gene. Our Jewish day school was only 5 years old at the time we started, and there were maybe 12 kids in our class. That class size stayed the same until 6th grade and graduation. Since there were so few kids in our grade, we became a close-knit group.

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