Selinger Family

Memories of our nephew and cousin Jason Friedberg

When we left Canada to make Aliya, Jason was a small reddish-haired impish child. We got to know him during our summer visits to Montreal and through telephone calls the rest of the year.
I got the feeling that whatever this kid did, he put his whole heart into it. If he was being mischievous, driving his brother and little sister crazy or playing basketball – he did it with gusto. More than once my sister Dena was called to the school over some misbehavior or other – but no one could remain angry with him – he made you smile – no – laugh.

Even as a small child Jason was a natural leader – he brought out the best in people.
When he made Aliya, we were always excited by his weekend visits to us. They were filled with interesting and heated discussions and my sons Michael and Jonathan looked forward to the time together with their cousin.
He made friends quickly and easily and on our occasional visits to the Yeshiva, we were impressed by the respect and love he received from them.
We saw a young man mature for his age, serious about his studies in the Yeshiva and his army service. The most delightful aspect of his life to me was that no matter how seriously he took his life, he never lost the twinkle, the mischievous look in his eye, the sense of fun and love for his fellow creatures.

Vita, Steve, Michael and Jonathan Selinger
P.S. Being Vita's and Shlomo's brother-in-law I can only say that Dena and I were so pleased that Jason had an extra Mom & Dad and two Brothers in Israel who loved him as much as we did. This really gave us confort knowing they would do anything for him, especially providing the most warm family atmosphere and of course the most delicious Shabbat meals a la Vita We shall be eternally grateful for their loving kindness to him.
Herb Friedberg