Steven Tenenbaum


I was privileged to have Jason spend a number of months in my house growing up in Ottawa. During that time we learned, davened, and had fun together. I was aware of his constant desire to grow in yidishkeit. Most importantly I was privileged to have him around as positive older role model, as I tried to emulate his derech eretz and good middos.

Following Yehoshua’s untimely passing, several astonishing stories were recounted how he touched so many different people’s lives. What fascinates me most though, are not the actual anecdotes, rather 10 and 15 years following his death, people are still recollecting our memories about Yehoshua. Whether it was a recent trip to Israel or a yartzheit commemoration numerous years later, we continue to hear the great impact he created, that is truly everlasting and not forgotten.