Sherry Brettschneider

Childhood and School Friend

I first met Jason (Yehoshua) Friedberg when we were both tiny nursery schoolers- 4 years old.

Of course, Jason grew significantly over the years, becoming a tall, handsome young man. I, unfortunately, was not graced with the height gene. Our Jewish day school was only 5 years old at the time we started, and there were maybe 12 kids in our class. That class size stayed the same until 6th grade and graduation. Since there were so few kids in our grade, we became a close-knit group.

Given my maternal dementia, I have difficulty remembering the distant past, however, I know undoubtedly that Jason was a wonderful, kind-hearted and devoted friend. More than anything
I recall how his eyes would sparkle when he would smile, and he smiled a lot.

I remember in high school how well Jason did in Jewish Studies and that the teachers all loved him. Even though he could sometimes test their patience.

I think about Jason very often. Even though we had not been in contact for many years, he was part of my childhood and in my life for all of the formative years.

I miss him! The world lost a wonderful and special man the day Yehoshua was taken from us.