Avraham Blanshay

Avraham Blanshay, Close personal friend, Torah Chavruta & Shul buddies

A few recollections of Yehoshua z"l's character:

He was known as an absolutely moral, decent, ethical person. He would help others – but not in a mushy, emotional way. He had a no-nonsense, direct approach - and people knew they could count on him. Such traits were part of what made him a great friend. You could count on his loyal, honest and dependable nature.

I remember him as a very organized, diligent person. One saw this in the methodical way he studied Torah, always taking clear notes. The same was true in his secular studies, he was always on top of his work. I envied that! As capable as he was, he was a modest,
unassuming person, never bragging or trying to take the spotlight.

Respectful- when my mom would offer him something to eat that he didn't want, rather than refuse he would answer, "Ummm, maybe later...". To this day, I do the same.

He was a great role model for decency and good values. One can't say that about many people.