Peter Schwartz, Uncle


Jason Friedberg was my first nephew. Having never had a sibling nor a son, I felt an attachment to him that went beyond the normal uncle/nephew feelings.
Since I have a habit of giving nicknames to those I care deeply about, I decided to call him: “Jake the Snake”. (His brother, David became “Rex” and his sister Jennifer, “Jones”.) In retrospect, I cannot think of a more inappropriate nickname for Jason than the one I chose. However, never once did he raise any objection.

Here he was: a religious, talented, handsome young man never saying a word about that stupid nickname.
That example typifies the type of outstanding individual he was.
Although our extended family ranges from quite religious: Herby to secular: Shlomo; all were treated the same by Jason. He had his own principles, but never attempted to impose them upon anyone. Furthermore, he accepted and loved all his family regardless of their approach to religion.
He did, however, lead by example. Who could not admire an individual who achieved great academic success; volunteered to join the Israeli army; and never wanted any special favours.
I loved him very deeply.

Peter Schwartz
My wife, Anna shares exactly my feelings